Residency Exception Categories

Students may qualify as either a Dependent or Independent person. In rare cases, a student may qualify for temporary in-state status by qualifying under an Exception Category.

To view the required documentation for qualifying under one of the exceptional categories, click on the boxes below.

I am married to a person who has maintained legal residence in Florida for at least 12 months. I have now established legal residence and intend to make Florida my permanent home.
I am a member of the armed services of the United States and I am stationed in Florida on active military duty pursuant to military orders, or whose home of record is Florida, or I am a member's spouse or dependent child.
According to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), I am a permanent resident alien or other legal alien granted indefinite stay and I have maintained a domicile in Florida for at least 12 months.
I am a full-time instructional or administrative employee of a Florida public school, community college, or institution of higher education, or I am the employee's spouse or dependent child.
I am part of the Latin American/Caribbean Scholarship program.
I am a qualified beneficiary under the terms of the Florida Pre-Paid Post-Secondary Expense Program.
I am a dependent person who has resided for three years with an adult relative other than my parent/legal guardian and my relative has maintained legal residence in Florida for at least 12 months.
I was previously enrolled at a Florida state institution and classified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes. I abandoned my Florida domicile less than 12 months ago and I am now re-establishing Florida legal residence.
I am a full-time employee of a state agency or political subdivision of the state whose student fees are paid by the state agency or political subdivision for the purpose of job-related law enforcement or correction training.
I am an active member of the Florida National Guard who qualifies under Florida Statutes s.250.10(7) and (8) for tuition assistance.

Tuition Waivers – Florida law allows universities to waive tuition and fees for a specific population of students. The student may not necessarily be classified as a Florida resident. For more information please visit Tuition Waiver