Specialized Student Services

Accommodations may be available to students with disabilities through the Specialized Student Services Department. Specialized individual assistance may include:


Career Counseling


Accessing Financial Aid

Agency Referrals




State Exams

Industry Certification Exams

Fundamental Skills:


Job Seeking

Job Retention


Who Qualifies?

Students who self-identify

Students referred to LWTC through the CCPS transition process

Students referred by other agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation, VA, or David Lawrence Center


Disabilities may include:

Learning Disability

Physical Disability

Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Emotional/Mental Health Disability

Blind or Visually Impaired



If you have or think you have a disability, please contact Specialized Student Services:

Lynn Bedrava (239)377-0913


You will need to provide documentation of your disability and complete the Request for Accommodations Form. If needed, assistance with acquiring documentation may be available.

Dual Enrollment

Dual-enrollment allows 11th and 12th grade students to earn high school credit and post-secondary training in various career programs. For additional information call Lynn Bedrava at (239)377-0913.

Project Explore—Moorings Park

This off-campus program provides hands-on career exploration experiences and life skills instruction. For additional information call Anne Fredette at (239)261-2415 Ext.308.