Dining and Catering

Dining services are open to students, and to the public, Monday through Friday.

Members of the public may join us for lunch –  Enjoy a gourmet meal, including an entree and two sides,  for $5.00.  Or, try one of the pastries made from scratch or a fresh salad prepared by our Commercial Foods & Culinary Arts students. Visit us most Mondays through Thursdays between 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m, on days when school is in session.


For more information on our on-campus meals, please call (239) 377-0941.


On- and off-site catering are both available. On-site, our new facilities can accommodate up to 400 people, and can include technological support in addition to catering services. Please contact Chef Geri Leonard at (239) 377-0941 for more information and to determine availability.