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HVAC/R Apprenticeship

Become an HVAC/R apprentice. Apprenticeship programs combine paid employment with classroom and on-the-job training. As skills are mastered, your hourly pay rate increases and your status within the skilled trade’s community is elevated. Upon successful completion, in three years and just one night a week, you will have earned the title of Journeyman and be among the best-trained HVAC/R professionals. Follow the steps below to get started:

HVAC/R Employer and Apprentice Applications


  1. Complete and sign the LWTC HVAC/R Apprenticeship Application.
  2. Leave your completed application with the LWTC front desk or scan and email the application to:
  3. All applications will be reviewed.
  4. All Candidates will be contacted and an interview will be scheduled for those who meet the minimum requirements.
  5. The HVAC/R Apprenticeship Committee will notify qualifying candidates of their disposition.

Sponsoring Employers

  1. Complete and sign the Participating Employer Agreement.
  2. Download the Employer Policy and Procedures (EPP), print and sign page 11.
  3. Scan and email the Participating Employer Agreement and page 11 of the EPP to:

Minimum Qualifications: Must be 18 years old, have the ability to read, write, and speak English, and have a valid driver's license with picture I.D.

Apprentices are selected to participate in the Apprenticeship Program by employers/sponsors based on criteria specifically defined in standards of registered apprenticeship programs approved by the U.S. Department of Labor and Florida Department of Education. Apprenticeship Programs are not COE accredited.

Download: Employer Policies and Procedures PDF (pages 1-11)

Employer ApplicationPDF (1 page)
Apprentice ApplicationPDF (2 pages)