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The certified surgical technologist acts as a scrub person during surgery and anticipates the surgeon’s needs. You prepare the surgical instruments and supplies needed for specific procedures and pass the instruments to the surgeon.

The knowledge, skills and ability you acquire ensure quality patient care during an operation. The program is divided into classroom and clinical components. Significant time is spent in surgical departments at hospitals and outpatient surgical centers.

Through this training in our state-of-the-art simulated surgical environment you will practice preparing, setting up and maintaining a sterile field, sterilization and disinfection procedures.

The goal of the Surgical Technology program is to prepare competent, entry-level surgical technologists in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) and affective (behavior) learning domains.

The minimal case requirement is 120 cases. Case type requirements include general surgery (30 cases) and surgical specialties (90 cases). Students will gain clinical expertise in both the first and second scrub roles as active participants in procedures. Duties associated with these roles include actual setup of the sterile field, passing instruments and supplies to the surgeon and maintaining sterile technique (first scrub role) while the second scrub role focuses on assisting the surgical team*.

*Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology 6th edition

    Student Work Policy:  All student activities associated with the curriculum, especially while students are completing his/her clinical rotation will be educational in nature.  Students will not be receiving any monetary remuneration during this educational experience, nor will he/she be substituted for hired staff personnel in the capacity of a surgical technologist.

    CST Certification Exam Outcomes:

    Academic Year # Program Graduates # Passed CST Exam % Passed CST Exam
    2021 20 13 65
    2020 15 10 71
    2019 11 7 64
    2018 11 10 91
    2017 13 9 69

    Next Start Date: August 10, 2023 (date is subject to change)

    Information Sheet PDF (2 pages)

    Curriculum FrameworkPDF (11 pages)

    Rack BrochurePDF (2 pages)

    Basic Skills Testing Requirements:

    Accepted Test Reading Math Language
    TABE* 11 10 11
    New SAT 24 24 25
    ACT 19 19 17
    GED 2014 145 145 145


    Basic Healthcare Worker (90 Hours)
    Central Supply Technician (210 Hours)
    Surgical Technologist 1 (343 Hours)
    Surgical Technologist 2 (343 Hours)
    Surgical Technologist 3 (344 Hours)

    Contact: Student Services Department