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Veterinary assistants support veterinarians with every aspect of animal care. Students will learn to work as part of a team, to respect one another as well as the patients, and to communicate effectively using proper terminology and self-confidence. Topics to be covered include basic first aid, medical terminology, professional and ethical standards of veterinary medicine, handling and restraint, animal anatomy, diseases and treatments, and various related studies. Completion of this course will prepare the students for full-time employment as a veterinary assistant in a veterinary hospital.

Students will be expected to meet all of the course goals and be able to demonstrate their understanding of the underlying concepts. The instruction will include lecture, class discussion, hands on training whenever possible, and assigned reading materials. Students will be asked to work both individually and in teams and practice communication and problem solving skills. The veterinary community will be involved to a certain extent in the student’s educational process, and may be counted on to provide sources for outside activities.

    Next Start Date: TBA

    Information Sheet PDF (2 pages)

    Curriculum FrameworkPDF (21 pages)

    Rack BrochurePDF (2 pages)

    Basic Skills Testing Requirements:

    Accepted Test Reading Math Language
    TABE* 9 9 9
    New SAT 24 24 25
    ACT 19 19 17
    GED 2014 145 145 145


    Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers 1 (450 Hours)
    Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers 2 (150 Hours)
    Veterinary Assistant (150 Hours)

    Contact: Student Services Department